Monday, August 22, 2011

Redesigning?Then check out A&B Design Firm!

  If you are redesigning your home,or part of it ,then you should take time to go look around at A&B Design Firm.Are you looking for design advice? Not sure which walls to paint or where to start with using color? Missing that piece of furniture that will complete your room? Don't know where to find the accessories that will update your home to look like the models you love so much? Remodeling/New Home and don't know what steps to take to ensure your dream home will have everything to flow together?
Then go by and look around at A&B Design Firm.  They are also on Facebook here bobbieabdesignfirm ..Tell her i sent you by!

Betty~Simply Southern

Catching Up

Well i have been off for a while but back again,maybe even stronger!Few thing's have changed since i have posted regularly.We now have 3 of our 5 grandchildren living with us ,due to a sickness with my daughter.So now along with me and hubby Jeff,we also have Billy age 9,Kolby age 6 and Summer age 3 in our home.It is filled!But filled with love and happiness.I have spent the better part of the last 2 years with them anyway,helping their mom raise them,so wasn't a big change other than i came home with the,They consider this their 2nd home so all is good,Seem's like more and more grandparents and family member's are raising their grandkids now,due to one problem or another.Mental illness,accidents,drugs,alcohol,incarceration,etc..So sad,I think about how treausured the memories of my grandparent's are to me ,so i hope one day i leave the same legacy to mine she did me...
   So look out for new idea's ,new review's,some giveaway's,way's to save money(we can all use that!) and just my every day life,,So come back and visit a while and say hello..Thanks for stopping by!

Betty~Simply Southern

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