Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Day Giveaways-enter now

What an awesome day!I do love the rain..almost an inch now and slow rain all evening and more to come.Only bad thing is is cold comes in after it.I do not like winter!Was with Julie and charlie mae this morning putting together last minute things before the baby arrives on thursday morning by c-section if not before .Little miss delilah dora sue qualls.My 6th grandbaby..I do love them!Hope your christmas season is safe and blessed...
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Food Safety Bill-you need to learn about it

Senator Orrin Hatch: Why the Food Safety Bill isn't really safe.

The Food Safety Bill (S. 510) started out with the best intentions, to make our food supply safer. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions many in Congress will use any excuse to grow government and spend recklessly.
read more here...

Glenn Beck-food safety bill

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain's coming,let's enjoy a giveaway

Well the rain is on the horizon but storms are as well.Louisiana and Mississippi are on target tonight it seems and us here in Alabama for tomorrow.I do so love the rain,grand kids too,but the tornado's,,well those i can do without so all of u in the areas mentioned be safe tonight and tomorrow.My daughter got her computer tonight so her and the grandson's are back online and Julie will go on for her c-section with little miss Delilah Thursday morning.Her 2 year old daughter,my granddaughter will be staying with me and paw for a week when she is born to let them adjust back at home with a new born.That will make my 6th grandchild,1 is in heaven.I do so love them and spending time with them.

 On to a few blogs i am visiting tonight with some giveaways to boot so join them so you can navigate easily back.Good luck and have fun entering!

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Let's enter a few giveaways on cyber monday!

Hello and hope your monday is going well!Hope also u had a great Thanksgiving.We did and now i look on to Christmas,The season we celebrate Jesus's birth!Rain is moving in today and tomorrow here in south Alabama ,love the rain but this comes also with chance of severe weather.ALSO if my newest granddaughter Delilah does not come before,Julie will be admitted on Thursday morning for her c section .If you wonder why i do not get to post daily,I have some/all of my grandkids very often and they are ages from 2 years to 8. So i am tied up ..lol..
I enjoy winning giveaways to my family and get them things otherwise i could not.The best advise i can give u on winning is enter often and take advantage of all extra entries..So on with the goodies!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Time for Renewal

 With my first post i will just say i am a mom to 3 and a Nanna to 5 wonderful grandchildren,1 of whom is in heaven,and a little granddaughter awaiting her arrival any day now.I am married and live in the south which i love.Our home is in a rural area where i was born and grew up,on my grandparents homestead land from 1852.I love God,i believe Jesus died for me and the holy spirit empowers us.I am not judgemental and i so dislike people that make drama a daily routine.I have far too much going on to fool with that.I help raise my grand kids and they are my heart and laughter in this crazy world.God gave me some wonderful treasures in them.I have my mom whom is in her 70's,2 brothers ,1 sister ,1 sister in heaven and 1 nephew and 1 great nephew.
   I am a homemaker and enjoy crafts,frugal living,gardening,canning,woodcraft's,doing giveaways and contest .I enjoy winning things that honestly i could not get any other way.My family and friends enjoy the reaping of my winnings,They help with holidays ,etc.I will share the links on some of them.
  On here i will share my life ,ups and Downs and rants.I do not believe in abortion.I will say that straight up.I believe the only way to heaven is through Jesus.I believe our family and god should be top priority..with that said,i hope you come again....
have a great day