Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time for Renewal

 With my first post i will just say i am a mom to 3 and a Nanna to 5 wonderful grandchildren,1 of whom is in heaven,and a little granddaughter awaiting her arrival any day now.I am married and live in the south which i love.Our home is in a rural area where i was born and grew up,on my grandparents homestead land from 1852.I love God,i believe Jesus died for me and the holy spirit empowers us.I am not judgemental and i so dislike people that make drama a daily routine.I have far too much going on to fool with that.I help raise my grand kids and they are my heart and laughter in this crazy world.God gave me some wonderful treasures in them.I have my mom whom is in her 70's,2 brothers ,1 sister ,1 sister in heaven and 1 nephew and 1 great nephew.
   I am a homemaker and enjoy crafts,frugal living,gardening,canning,woodcraft's,doing giveaways and contest .I enjoy winning things that honestly i could not get any other way.My family and friends enjoy the reaping of my winnings,They help with holidays ,etc.I will share the links on some of them.
  On here i will share my life ,ups and Downs and rants.I do not believe in abortion.I will say that straight up.I believe the only way to heaven is through Jesus.I believe our family and god should be top priority..with that said,i hope you come again....
have a great day

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