Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain's coming,let's enjoy a giveaway

Well the rain is on the horizon but storms are as well.Louisiana and Mississippi are on target tonight it seems and us here in Alabama for tomorrow.I do so love the rain,grand kids too,but the tornado's,,well those i can do without so all of u in the areas mentioned be safe tonight and tomorrow.My daughter got her computer tonight so her and the grandson's are back online and Julie will go on for her c-section with little miss Delilah Thursday morning.Her 2 year old daughter,my granddaughter will be staying with me and paw for a week when she is born to let them adjust back at home with a new born.That will make my 6th grandchild,1 is in heaven.I do so love them and spending time with them.

 On to a few blogs i am visiting tonight with some giveaways to boot so join them so you can navigate easily back.Good luck and have fun entering!

Let's head over to serendipity mom and win a master chef kitchen for the kids!ends dec 1st

another at seredipity mom-win a bounce castle!

mamadweeb is giving away a playschool playset!

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