Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011..What are your plans?

 well 2010 passed quickly..and for a lot of folks was the worse year yet,at least financially.My family stayed pretty much the same  and in some ways ,a better year.We were able to help other's out.But at the same time ,we are not great big spender's either.I like to use coupon's ,search for deals in stores and online and i do not believe if it cost more it is always better.I also like to have simple pleasures other than going out all the time.I pray a lot and declare blessings on us and our kid's and grandkid's.
   I like to plant a garden in spring/summer and i plan to freeze and can more this year than times lately.I plan to do what i grew up doing and having enough for us and our families if needed.I see some hard times coming for a lot of people but i will not fear it.That is where my faith in God comes in.I know he will care for us and all i have to do is my best and depend on him.The best outcome will occur and if i am willing he will also be able to use me to help other's.That is a desire we should all have.
  Learn how to use coupons and garden,even if it is a small space.I love to fish and i enjoy eating them as well as preparing them.take the family camping over the weekend!There are a lot of campgrounds that are close to lakes/ponds/creeks.Go fishing and cook them as a family!Cheap food and great times!I do that as often as we can when weather permits and it usually cost us just the price of gas,campground,some grease (for the fish fry),cornmeal and potatoes...for fries and cornbread,,try it!Don't know how to plan this?? lmk and i will give simple plans as well as how to prepare (and catch) fish .My family loves it and so will most of yours!  If u look around right now you will find camping supplies,like lanterns,coleman fuel,cookers,tents ,on sale!This is the best time to buy them!
  What do you and your family do? Where do you go?How do you save money?

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