Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Hot Deals!Clearance & on sale

Still looking for some Christmas Deals!I found some today and ordered several myself for the grandkids!Awesome savings ,,Here are just a few,,,

# Toy Story 3 Game & Puzzle Tub $5 at JC PENNEY   

# Mr. Potato Head Spud Hut Tent $10 JC PENNEY!

# My Very Own Desk & Easel $10 JC PENNEY

WEDNESDAY DEAL! 3-pack Dolls w/ Accessories ONLY 3.99!

WEDNESDAY DEAL! 3-pack Hispanic Rockstar Dolls ONLY 4.99!

 WHILE THERE AT JC PENNEY,LOOK AROUND,,there are pleanty more deals just like these and you can have them delivered to your local JC PENNEY and no shipping!Will be there from 4-7 days,,so still time to get them there by christmas!!!!!Several of these i bought!And if you want them delivered,
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $69 or more with promo code FALALA..

If you are looking for jewelry,here are a few great finds,,,look here,some up to half off!!!!
jc penney's sale on jewelry!!!

5 sets of lip balms to choose from at wal mart for only 3.00 each and free ship!these are nice sets!

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