Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to emergency room and migranes

 hi all
Well i did wind up going to hospital last night.Arrived there at 9:20 and got home at 3:10 am! That was just the most ridiculous thing i have been through in a while.When i arrived there were 2 others waiting,2 hours later i was checked and asked what was wrong and 30 minutes later taken back and then 20 minutes later i was given a shot of demoral and Finnegan and something for inflammation.Still have not saw a Dr.!wow,,ok,,,
 at 2:40 the Dr. came in and 2 minutes later was gone and left me a lortab and a prescription for Finnegan and lortab and released at 2:45.He said in 2 minutes my problems were stemming from a migraine!he checked my pulse,listened to heart ,turned out lights and checked my eyes very quickly,I wonder how much that will cost me and my insurance company!
  I know people are busy,,but when u are a Dr. or something like that and getting paid well ,shouldn't you at least try and make sure you do your best,,Same thing you expect from anyone doing a job!You are depending on this person though to make sure something serious isn't wrong.Then the bill is sent to insurance and they are charged for ALL this time you are there and you have received no real care...That is why our insurance is so high we can barely afford it!

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