Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow in alabama and a few giveaways

 Hope you are staying warm and safe.Well this morning here in Alabama we had snow! south was a nice treat but the weather is awful,cold,very cold.will be dangerously cold for us even into Florida the next few days.Of course with that being said,if fruit and veggies are damaged that's another rise in food cost,AGAIN! Sleet was falling earlier but now just dreary cloud cover.I do not like the winter cold.My newborn granddaughter will be going to Dr. tomorrow and her mom to check on stitches and i hate to even get them out.

My hubby is cooking chili for supper and even cooked lunch.I could pinch his head off sometimes but he is a good man .What have you done preparing for Christmas?A lot of people are struggling now and i have a feeling it will get far worse before it gets better so if you can help someone out,do it,be a friend,neighbor.Especially here in the Christmas season.I have found it helps me out with the kids and grands by entering contest.It truly has been a blessing to me for years now.I pray about them and God has blessed me time and time again.I am very appreciative of the bloggers that work so hard getting them put together so make sure u say thank u and also the sponsors.Just remember to do those extra entries and check back often.

Have a great week,

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