Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snooz'n review~natural sleep aid

 Do you sleep well? No,me neither!I have a very hectic life,not a lot of slowing down and in my 40's it takes a toll at times.I have tries a lot of sleep aides from prescription(just too expenxive) to over the counter.Some work,some don't.Most of them come with side effects i don't like but when you can't sleep you need help.
  i saw an ad online for a new product called Snooz'n . I sent away for a few bottles and the other day they arrived.I wa ssent 2 -2.3 oz bottles to try out.I have saved them until i really needed a good night's sleep and having trouble .That is tonight.It has been a stressful past week,long hours with kids and adults,birth of new granddaughter and just life in general. Tomorrow me and my daughter in law will go to her Dr. and then take Miss Delilah by to see her Dr. to check on her jaundice.My back hurts and troublesome sleep awaits lol..
  Info from the site,,

Natural Sleep Aid - Relax and Fall Asleep Fast

  • All natural OTC sleep aid for the best sleep of your life!
  • Helps reduce stress and strengthen your immune system
  • No calories, sugar, preservatives or harmful side effects
  • Take 30 minutes before bed for a good night's sleep
  • Accelerates onset of deep sleep cycles for better sleep
I love the idea that it is all natural,with no harmful ingrediants ..So i am to drink the little bottle and hopefully in a little i will drift off in a nice sleep,,

 This is a live blog while taking this ,,,so here we go...
9:48-begin to drink.It has a apple like taste and smell.really better than i thought it would be .about 4 good swallows per bottle.Honestly not the best tasting thing i have ever drank ..But not to bad either.
 I am relaxing by the fireplace ,not moving around much,don't know if that would make a difference or not.

 9:57 -still no effects
10;00 beginning to feel relaxed!
10:10 i am going to lay down now ,,results tomorrow..

...if you would like to try this product ,You can also get  50% off with your first order just by entering coupon code BAORDER  during checkout @  tell them that I sent you.ALSO right now you can get a trial 2 pack just like i have just by paying shipping cost of 2.00 right here  .Let me know how it works for you.I will do a follow up tomorrow with results when i woke up and started my day.I did complete this bottom part while awaiting results if you are wondering, ;)

Have a blessed week and stay warm..God bless

Betty ~Nannato5


This morning i awoke feeling a little groggy at 7 pm.It was past 12:00 when i finally fell asleep and for me it was like i was half awake and half asleep not feeling to rested at all. It was not a deep restful sleep as i had hoped..This is only me results,Nothing works good for everyone.I am going to try the second bottle tonight just to double check my results ..will update on those results and compare..

''I was not compensated in any way for this review.This is my results from this product and my views on it as truethful as i can.''

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