Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas time's a comin!

Good evening all!

Are you ready for Christmas?I am not quite through.Christmas will be here at my house this year with all the kids and grands spending the night Christmas eve and having a special day on Christmas here,Kids will awake to the presents at nanna and paw's .We are so excited,We are making last minute plans now so everything is completed by the time all start arriving Friday.The weather is looking good for this week as well ,so,,,,With a little luck Christmas will be a mild day and the kid's can play outside as well.
  I found some really great deals this year by shopping online,Had some shipped to stores to save on shipping such as JC PENNEY 
  Both stores still off this opportunity and can even  arrive by Christmas!There  are some great deals you can get tonight and you have 2 more shopping days to get it to your local walmart by Christmas,,Here are just a few for last minute buying.
 Candy Land board game for only 4.00!!!
Little Tykes cozy coupe with plastic balls included only 10.00! i ordered one of these!
 Pajama sets are also on sell now for 10.00 as well...hurry supplies are limited.

 Another place i like to shop online is AMAZON.COM .Sign up for amazon mom and save on shipping .Quick and easy to register,don't even have to be a mom, Amazonmom~sign up here
 So there are a few idea's and i wish you Happy Shopping and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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